Will a plaster decoration suit my style?

From whimsical cherubs to the gravitas of entrance columns, from stately fireplace surrounds to romantic ceiling medallions, the designs and the craft of ornamental plaster has withstood the test of time.

Do you ship your products?

We offer standard shipping on everything except very large orders and crown moulding. Please contact us for a quote in these instances.

We guarantee our pieces will arrive intact. If your order arrives broken, please send us a picture within 24 hours of receipt and we will replace the item.

We craft each order by hand, please allow 1-2 weeks for order fulfillment.

How do I avoid breaking the ornament?

Always rest medallions and long pieces flat to avoid gradual warping as they cure. Resting your pieces on a soft surface and handling them carefully can really help avoid any issues. A gym mat or a piece of cardboard can help avoid chipping or cracking. However, if something breaks, plaster is actually very forgiving. A touch of drywall plaster, some gentle sanding with either the rough side of a kitchen scrubbing sponge or fine sandpaper, and paint and you won’t be able to see a crack or chip at all.

How strong is a plaster ornament?

All castings are handmade with exceptional quality plaster and gypsum composition, then reinforced with glass fibre. Each piece is unique, consistent with the handmade character of plaster moulding. Historically burlap and other materials have been used to strengthen the plaster, but they added weight and are vulnerable to water damage. Glass fibre is embedded in the plaster creates a strong, lightweight product that is easy to cut and handle.

Where can I use these products?

Plaster ornaments may be installed onto any interior drywall, plaster or wood surface, using plaster, ceramic adhesives or white glue.

As an natural, smoke-proof, fire-proof, inert and non-toxic material, plaster decor is ideal for commercial applications and meets any building code requirements, as well as giving you peace of mind.

Can I put these ornaments outside?

We can provide ornaments in concrete or Winterstone for outdoor use, creating unlimited possibilities for making your design inspirations come to fruition.

How do I finish and attach a plaster ornament?

Some large, heavier ornaments may require the use of screws in counter-sunk holes, which are then filled with plaster. Another method is to use plaster, which is a natural adhesive. Your medallion or ornament can be first soaked in water to increase its humidity and prevent the adhesive from drying out too quickly. Then butter the back with a thick layer of Durabond or another strong adhesive plaster like PL glue and secure it to the wall or ceiling overnight until it’s dry. For delicate ornaments, protect the faces by covering them with plywood, perhaps backed with soft foam or a towel, then wedge a pole against the board to hold everything in place. Professional contractors, plasterers and painters can provide expertise to help with the job.

Plaster can be finished with oil paint, latex paint, stains, gold leaf or any other medium.

Are there imperfections in the ornaments?

Each piece is cast by hand, creating a slightly unique ornament with each iteration. It’s normal to see small bubbles and imperfections on each piece, giving it a authentic patina of an ancient craft. Paint and other finishes can fill these hallmarks; using a light coating will preserve their handcrafted appearance.

Do you provide custom products?

All of our products can be customized. We sculpt originals and make our own moulds. Many unique profiles can be replaced with plaster rather than wood, plastic, cardboard or other materials. Restorations and duplications can be made from your original pieces to create consistent elements throughout your design.